The Business of Science and Technology: Protecting Intellectual Property Rights

Welcome to Our Blog!

This is blog is dedicated to protecting the rights of inventors and other creative individuals. We discuss matters related to the business of science and technology and specifically issues in intellectual property law. A focus of this blog is patent holders who retain patent litigation firms to protect their interests on a contingency basis.

A small company, or individual inventor, which finds companies infringing on its patent seems to have few good options. Most law firms which are capable of patent litigation are extremely expensive. Furthermore, many large firms may have conflicts of interest because they represent other firms in the industry.

One option is to retain an experienced Patent Litigation Firm which accepts cases on a contingency fee basis. This means that the patent holder does not pay the law firm which represents him or her in patent litigation. Instead the law firm is only paid a proportion of any recovery that is made from the litigation or licensing of the patent.

While this is the focus of our blog, we freely discuss all aspects of the business of science and technology. This is an exciting time to be alive! New discoveries are being made which are maturing into new technologies. Ambitious entrepreneurs are commercializing these discoveries to the world’s benefit. This blog aims to capture that excitement.

We also believe that intellectual property law plays an important part in protecting and fostering innovation, as do attorneys who are available to assist entrepreneurs and inventors.

Thank you for visiting our blog!


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